2018 Marks the 31st Year Anniversary of the APA and the WPA.  Come join us in celebrating our 31st year.

While federations come and go over the years the APA has a tradition of 31 years with the sport.


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Welcome to the APA and WPA. The APA is the leading federation in the USA and the WPA (our international arm) is one of the largest International Powerlifting Organizations in the world. We have stood the time test since 1986! We started on a small scale and held a few events in 1986. By 1987 the federation was in full force and had International Affiliates!

In the eighties only 4 federations existed. We are one of those four.

The APA and WPA affiliates feature some of the strongest powerlifters on the planet.

One was Gary Heisey. Gary performed a historical all time deadlift record of 925 pounds.

His record stayed in the books longer than any other “all time” deadlift in the history of our sport.

Some of our International Affiliates include European Powerlifting Association, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, France, Greece, Germany, England, Yugoslavia, Singapore, Jamaica, Canada, Moldova, Iran, Italy, Turkey,    and Kazakhstan.

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