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 2018 Marks the 31st Year Anniversary of the APA and the WPA.  Come join us in celebrating our 31st year.

While federations come and go over the years the APA has a tradition of 31 years with the sport.


Lifting Singlets are now available in our online store! These high quality rugged design singlets! These are not a cheap cotton singlets like so many on the market that shrink. 100% polyester and flexible in case you gain a few pounds.Approved by the World Powerlifting Alliance. Wicks sweat away from the athlete, keeping them cool and dry. Elasticized leg bands and piping on the straps to hold garment securely in place.APA singlet BMP

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our WPA Representative for Azerbajdzhan: Samir Shiraliyev. He was a great embassador for the sport and will be missed by all.


September 5, 2015: APA Nationals was awesome! Held in McAllen, Texas at Christian Fellowship Auditorium. A very special thanks to Al Mendez, his lovely wife Gloria, Robert Jackson, the Staff of Christian Fellowship Church, out referee’s, spotters, loaders, and of course competitors for making this a memorable and awesome event.

Gage Peterson is now the Worlds Strongest 10  year old.  Lifting at APA Nationals at a bodyweight of 119.2 lbs he posted a 585 total with a 225 lb squat, 115 lb bench press, and 245 lb deadlift! Congrats Gage! Here is a video of his lifting

A very special thanks to our sponsors Mike Womack and his company Bench Daddy, River Rat Gym of McAllen, and the Vitamin Shoppe.

We raised $210 in donations for the Wounded Warrior project to assist our returning veterans.

A lot of incredible lifts were performed including aWorld Record 820 pound bench press in the 275 class by John Courtenay, and a 365 pound bench press by a 16 year old girl Lexi Harris. Lexi just missed a 400 bench press but failed to lock out completely on one side.  She also deadlifted 450 pounds!!





A big congratulations to Tyler Jolly who hosted his first powerlifting meet on July 25, 2015. The Alabama Raw Wars State Championships in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Tyler ran a meet that was the same quality as any federations Nationals!

Here is a pic of some lifting at Tyler’s event:

A big congrats to Brad Crawford. Brad started competing this year for the first time and in a short few months is closing in on the all time deadlift records!

Brad competed at Tyler Jolly’s Raw Wars and shattered WPA records in the 308 class with a whopping 854.3 lb. deadlift and 2072.32 total!

All this after just a few short months of competing!

Here is a pic of Brad at the meet


We will be posting the latest news in the Powerlifting World here.  We are also constructing a monthly featured athlete page.

The APA is a proud sponsor of the Wounded Warrior Project. Many of our returning servicemen and service women are in need of assistance. To donate “directly” to Wounded Warriors click on the picture below. Thank you!