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Andrea Dorfner a.k.a. Andi, attended East Strousburg University, in East Strousburg, PA, where she received her B.S. in Education.  She later attended St. Josephs University in Philadelphia working towards a Masters in Psychology.

She has been a competitive swimmer, skier, softball player, and coached special olympic skiiers.

Andrea worked many years as a school teacher. Her passion for animals later led to working as an executive assistant at a local animal shelter. She later worked as a registrar in a hospital.

Her hobbies include jewelry and leather crafting, geneology,  and art designing. Andrea is an avid motorcyclist and owns her own motorcycle named Dakota Blue.

Andrea is Vice President and American Records Registrar of the American Powerlifting Association.

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Andi and the APA are  proud sponsors of the Wounded Warrior Project. Many of our returning servicemen and service women are in need of assistance. To donate “directly” to Wounded Warriors click on the picture below. Thank you!