APA Certified Affilate Gyms & Training Centers

APA Affiliate Gym Directory

Listing of facilities officially recognized by APA which have met coaching and trainer certification standards. Those wishing to have their facility registered as a Certified APA Affiliate please contact us.

COMING SOON! *For those interested in becoming Certified Powerlifting Coaches we will be posting information and enrollment page soon. We offer basic certified coach programs and advanced coach programs that count towards college/continuing education credits.
760 C Columbus Ave. Lebanon, Ohio 45036*Official APA Coach Certification Instruction Facility
*Certified APA Affiliate Facility
Phone: (513) 763-0706
MesserFit Website
River Rat Gym
5820 N Cage Blvd # 53
Pharr, Texas
*Certified APA Affiliate FacilityPhone: (956) 342-2257Facebook
Body Doctor’s Gym
4439 St Louis St
New Orleans, Louisiana
*Certified APA Affiliate FacilityPhone: (504) 382-0109
PowerZone Gym
115 Peppertown Plaza
Fulton, Mississippi
*Certified APA Affiliate FacilityPhone: (662) 862-7523Website
Family Fitness
10251 Road 2610
Philadelphia, Mississippi
*Certified APA Affiliate FacilityPhone: 601-656-2900
Vero Fitness
15860 Clayton Rd – Ellisville, Missouri*Certified APA Affiliate FacilityPhone: (314) 578-7504Website
The Philosophy Tree
606 S Elgin
Tulsa, Oklahoma
*Certified APA Affiliate FacilityPhone: (918) 902-3726Facebook
GiveStrength IronBred Strengthbase
724 Cheshire Road
Lanesborough, Massachusetts
*Certified APA Affiliate FacilityPhone: (413) 687-3639Facebook
Fitchburg Strength & Fitness Gym
15 Oak Hill Road, Fitchburg, Massachusetts*Certified APA Affiliate FacilityPhone: (978) 870-4725Facebook
STS Fitness Gym
2119 Highway 7 North, Harrison, Arkansas*Certified APA Affiliate FacilityPhone: (870) 704-4012Facebook
Heavy Metal Gym
Paugus Bay Plaza, 131 Lake St, Gilford, New Hampshire*Certified APA Affiliate FacilityPhone: (603) 244-8804Facebook
Iron Titans Gym
415 S. Dixie Drive, St. George, Utah*Certified APA Affiliate FacilityPhone: (435) 414-3452Website
Savage City Strength
216 US Highway 206 Suite 13, Hillsborough, New Jersey*Certified APA Affiliate FacilityContact by Facebook FacebookWebsite
Blessed Iron Barbell
6426 126th Avenue North,
Largo, Florida
*Certified APA Affiliate FacilityPhone: (727) 482-6823Website