Jan 14: Atlantic Open – Rehobeth, Delaware Jan 23: Gulf Coast Open – Ft Myers, Florida Jan 28: Northeast US Open – Keene, NH
Feb 11: Southern Michigan Open – Monroe, MI Feb 18: Pasco, Washington Feb 18: Houston Open Push-Pull
Feb 18: Iron Warrior Championships – Bartow, FL March 4: Texas State Powerlifting Championships Houston, TX March 18: Yellowhammer Open – Saraland, Alabama
July: Maine Open Iron Bash March 25: Eastern USA Hanover , PA Nov 4: Battle on the Bay, Bay City, MI
Oct 14: Eastern Seaboard Championships Rehobeth, Delaware Jan 28: Northeast US Championships Sept 30: Northern California Open – Yuba City, California
Keene, New Hampshire
March 11: Southeast USA Open Tennessee State Meet Nov 11: California Open
Amory, MS Sacramento, California
May 13: Biggest Bench in South Fit For Life 2/17: Battle on the Bayou Iowa Record Breakers
July 6: Massachusetts Record Breakers Dec 2: Maryland Open May 6: American Open
California, MD Pasco, Washington
June 23: Central Florida Open May 13: Diamond State Open April 8: Northeast Regionals
Zephyrhills, Florida Delaware Wallingford , Connecticut
Sept 16: Nutmeg State Open March 4: Texas State Championships July 8: Arizona Open
Wallingford, Connecticut Tucson, Arizona
July 22: North Carolina Open Feb 12: Illinois State Meet Dec 9: Green Mountain Regionals
Fair Haven, Vermont
July 30: Gatorland Open May 27: Great Lakes Open Dec 2: Holiday Classic
Bartow, Florida Bay City, Michigan Nashville, Tennessee
Aug 19: Indiana Open June 10: Indy Open 8/12/06 APA South Carolina Fall Classic
Greenwood, Indiana Indianapolis, IN
June 24: APA Louisiana State Championships September 23: Louisiana Record Breakers Aug 5: Magnolia Open
Amory, MS
Sept 2: APA Nationals Washington Open – Pasco, Washington April 28: Peace River Open
Fort Myers, Florida Bartow, Florida
April 22: Sacramento Open’ Sept 16: Prairie State Classic Southeast USA – Amory, MS
Sacramento, CA
Vermont Winter Bench Press & Strict Curl Oct 7-18 World Bench Press & Deadlift Feb 18: Houston Open Push & Pull – Houston, Texas
St.Petersurg, Florida
Dec 16: Grand Floridian Classic 10/28/06 APA South Carolina Fall Classic
Zephyrhills, Florida