Welcome to the APA & WPA records page. Before you explore the records please read this message so you will know how the records are kept. We have 3 categories of records: 1) Raw Records, 2) Standard Gear Records 3) Unlimited Gear records

The bare minimum uniform for establishing a record is to wear a singlet and if you chose, knee wraps and wrist wraps. Records may be set in any category wearing the basic minimum uniform. In other words, if a lifter is wearing the very basic minimal uniform and he/she wishes to set a record in the Standard or Unlimited category, he/she may do so because they are wearing less gear than allowed and receiving far less assistance. Wearing the basic minimal allowed gear is also known as "RAW" powerlifting.

In the Raw Category, lifters wear the very basic uniform - the wrestling or lifting singlet. Knee wraps, wrist wraps, and belts are allowed if you wish but supportive gear such as lifting suits and bench press shirts etc are not allowed. Our rulebook outlines the types of wraps, belts, ect allowed in raw powerlifting.

In the standard gear category you may wear the gear allowed as defined in our rulebook and while competing in this category you may set standard gear records or unlimited gear records as you are meeting the minimal gear requirements required for either category.

In the unlimited gear category you may wear any combination of gear. In other words, the basic requirement is the singlet and wraps if you wish or you can wear a canvas lifting suit and other forms of gear not allowed in the basic raw and standard gear categories. While you are competing in canvas and other gear beyond definitions of standard gear or raw categories, you obviously cannot set records for a category other than the unlimited gear category. A complete description of the gear allowed in the unlimited gear category can be found in our rulebook

American Records are for U.S. Lifters only. World records include countries who participate or have participated as WPA affiliate federations. These include USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, England, Germany, Singapore, Germany, Jamaica, Great Britain, and others.

Please visit the records links below to find the records of the particular category you are interested in.

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