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Established 1987 in South Royalton, vermont 

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If your states records are not listed please contact your state chairperson. If your state does not have a chairperson listed and you are interested in the position please apply at this link http://www.apa-wpa.com/APAchairmanrequest.htm

APA & WPA President - Scott Taylor

APA Vice President & National Records Chairperson - Andrea Dorfner

WPA Vice President & World Records Chairman: Vadym Kotsaga WPA Canada (CPA) Sebastien Grenier CPA Canadian Website

WPA Russia Powerlifting - Director: Yuri Ustinov

WPA Ukraine Powerlifting (WPAU): Vadym Kotsaga - Website: http://wpa-ukraine.com/

WPA Kazakhstan: Dmytry Yakunin WPA Kazakhstan Website

WPA Iran: Mohsen Esakhri

WPA Iran Powerlifting Website

WPA Italy: Francesco Lo Porto WPA Italy Website Azerbajdzhan: Samir Shiraliyev
WPA Maldova: To be announced WPA Poland: Tomasz Tytan
Republic of Georgia: Irakli Tskhovrebashvili WPA Transnistria (Pridnestrovie)
  APA Midwest Regional Chairman: Rodney Wood Mid-West Regional Records

Alabama Chairman Dusty Smith Alabama Co-Chairman: Tyler Jolly Womens Records, Mens Records

Arkansas: Arkansas State Records
Arizona: State Chairman Chris Popovich Arizona State Records California: California Website and Records
Connecticut: Mens Records Womens Records Colorado: Colorado Records
Delaware: DelawareMensRecords Webpage DelawareWomensRecords Webpage Florida: Bobby Myers Florida Mens Records Florida Womens Records Florida Co-Chair: Chris McMullen
Georgia: Mary Toole Cain Georgia Men's Records Georgia Women's Records Co-Chair: Steve Waters Hawaii: Hawaii State Records
Indiana: Greg Wilkerson Mens Records Womens Records Illinois: Illinois Men's Records Illinois Women's Records
Iowa: Iowa Men's Records Iowa Women's Records  
Kansas: Kansas State Records Kentucky: Kentucky State Records

Louisiana: Jake Impastato Louisiana Records

Maine: Maine State Men's and Women's Powerlifting and Strength Sports Records
Maryland: Maryland Records Massachusetts: Larry Harnois MA Womens Raw Records Womens Gear Equipped Records Mens Raw Records Mens Gear Equipped Records
Michigan: Michigan Mens Records Michigan Womens Records

Minnesota: Minnesota Records

Mississippi: Jay Gomillion Mens Records Womens Records Missouri: Rodney Wood Mens Raw Records Womens Raw Records Gear Equipped Records
Nebraska: Nebraska State Records Nevada: Nevada State Records
New Hampshire: New Hampshire Records

New Jersey Ed Coleman: New Jersey Records

New York: New York Records North Carolina: North & South Carolina Records Listings
Ohio: Nate Ahrens Ohio Records Oregon: Rudy Kadlub Oregon State Records
Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Records Rhode Island: Rhode Island State Records
South Carolina: South Carolina & North Carolina Records Listings Texas: Robert Jackson Texas Records
Tennessee: Tennessee Records Vermont: Vermont State Records
Virginia - Steve Davis: Virginia State Records Washington: Mens State Records Womens State Records
West Virginia: West Virginia State Records Wisconsin: Wisconsin State Records
Presently we have several State Chairman positions available. Those interested in becoming a state chairman or having events promoted in your state please contact APA President Scott Taylor scott@apa-wpa.com